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What and why WebP file format

Google announced WebP format as a new image file format in 2010. It has been over 10 years since then. Like JPEG, WebP is a lossy compression format. However, WebP has better performance and compression efficiency than the JPEG format at the same image quality. Using WebP will significantly improve your website's loading speed. Since it's 25-35% smaller in file size than the typical JPEG image, an increasing number of website owners use WebP image format.

New Image formats developed by Google
Supported by most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.
26 smaller in size compared to PNGs and JPEGs
Most image viewers do not support opening WebP.

Convert hundreds of WebP images to jpg/png/ico

Although WebP has so many advantages, it is still hindered by its compatibility issues. Most offline image viewers like the typical Windows image viewer are not natively available for opening the WebP files. You can not preview or edit the WebP directly. This image is difficult for sharing due to the lack of widespread adoption. Imagine that you have hundreds of WebP images, and it will be difficult to open them one by one. The best and practical method is converting them all to the standard JPEG or JPG images.

After converting WebP to JPG or PNG, you can

Edit the image by using photo editor software
Share the openable images with others.
Open the image in all image viewer on Mac or Win
convert hundreds of webp images


Manage the WebP conversion by using our AnyWebP Online.


Testimonials from Happy Customers

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