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Speed up Website with WebP

Images affect the site speed greatly and they will slow down your entire website if the page has too many images in large size. Browsers will take a longer time for loading these images when visitors coming. This will hurt your sites' ranking in online search results. That is why the website owners make a great effort to optimize the images and reduce the page loading time.

JPG images are widely used as they are using lossy compression technology. However, WebP goes further. WebP could achieve a smaller size than the traditional JPEG files without degrading image quality. That's why it is time to use WebP format as there is nothing else lossy compression formats could beat WebP. Speed up Website with WebP

WebP images are typically smaller in size compared to JPG/PNG
WebP images can be transmitted over the network more quickly
WebP images consume less bandwidth when downloaded by website visitors.
WebP is supported by major web browsers

Convert all possible image formats to WebP

AnyWebP has improved the images to WebP workflow greatly as it supports adding all possible image formats. You can add them all and convert them to WebP at one time. The whole process is fast, reliable, and professional.

If you are the site owner and you have thousands of images waiting for converting to WebP. It will be tedious to convert them one by one. Use AnyWebP for time-saving. Drag and drop all of these images and click 'Start All' to convert these images to WebP immediately.

Optimize file sizes and improve website performance
WebP supports both lossy and lossless compression.
WebP also supports animated images, similar to GIFs.
WebP supports transparency, similar to PNG images.


Manage the WebP conversion by using our AnyWebP Online.


Testimonials from Happy Customers

“Vous souhaitez convertir des images WebP en JPG/PNG ou vice-versa ? J’ai ce qu’il vous faut ! Je vous présente aujourd’hui AnyWebP, un convertisseur gratuit à la fois disponible en version web, mais aussi sous forme de logiciel pour Windows et Mac.”

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"AnyWebP is a free browser-based tool that can help with this. It can batch convert WebP images to JPG, PNG, or ICO that can then be easily edited.”

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Vivian Morris / Editor


“まだ1回しか使ってないが、これで十分という感じ。 app内課金の表示がないので、期限や上限なく使えると信じて、これ一つを使い続けるつもり。”

あわいち / Mac User from AppStore